When we find a person who has the perfect combination of passion and ability, we may invite them to the most exclusive event of its kind in the industry. During this week long portfolio building photo shoot, six talented artists are placed in a real-time working environment with focus on potential editorial content for LIVIDITY Magazine and submissions to other publications. Our artists are pushed to the limit during this amazing event which can result in a portfolio that rivals industry veterans. The first four days feature stylized looks like High Fashion, Editorial, Glamour, Classic Hollywood, Gothic Victorian, Burlesque, Anime, Alt Fashion, Industrial, Gorelesque including out of kit effects, prosthetic application and design. The last day is an elaborate mock movie shoot that requires lengthy prep to design each character the script calls for. Fashion Designers, Models, Actors and Musicians participate in this one of a kind event that can instantly take an artist to the next level. Every image on our web site is an example of work captured during this event excluding staff bio pics. The Emerging Artist Boot Camp is sponsored by LIVIDITY Magazine four times per year.




From the thousands we train around the country, we look for the most talented, creative, passionate students that we can find. No single factor is more important than another. For instance, a person may be hugely talented but lack the passion and drive needed to succeed. A person may have a burning desire to be a make-up artist but lack the creativity necessary to succeed. A person may have all of the factors we look for and lack the physical strength necessary to survive the week. Our selection process is not perfect. We look for people that we believe are going to do this professionally. We make a huge investment in the people that we choose. They  are  the  people  that  define  RYDER  make-up labs  and  make  us  so  unique.


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